Ironic!Procurement value of PLN Larat Tanimbar Islands Rp. 2.5 billion, electricity goes out ahead of Nataru - People's Verdict, Saumlaki – There has been a lot of talk on social media regarding the prolonged blackout in North Tanimbar District (Tanut), Tanimbar Islands Regency, Maluku.

In fact, because of the prolonged blackout, the people of North Tanimbar took to the streets to protest the poor performance of PLN Larat's service. Home Use Generator Product

Ironic!Procurement value of PLN Larat Tanimbar Islands Rp. 2.5 billion, electricity goes out ahead of Nataru - People

This incident was then linked to the project to procure 2 units of generator engines in 2021 by the Cipta Karya Department of the Tanimbar Islands Regional Government for PLN Larat.

The coordinator of the North Tanimbar Observation Team, Petrus Batkunde, said that 2 units of generator engines from the Cipta Karya Service were damaged even though they were only purchased in 2021. He also suspected that there were nuances of corruption in the procurement process.

"From the results of our investigation, it is suspected that there have been violations of the law there (procurement of the PLN Larat machine in 2021), allegations of corruption for personal and group interests, and these actions have made the Tanut people suffer," said Petrus in Saumlaki, Monday (12/ 12/2022) yesterday.PLN Larat Tanimbar Islands Genset.(Photo: Marcel/

Procurement and installation of Engine/Genset 2 X 200 kVA Units at the Larat PLN (Persero) Service Unit by the Cipta Karya Office, Tanimbar Islands Regency, FY 2021

In 2021, the Regional Government of the Tanimbar Islands Regency through the Human Settlements Service will procure 2 units of Diesel Gensets worth 2.5 billion rupiah.

The project was won by CV.Tanimbar Fiberglass as published on

At that time, 2 diesel generators with a capacity of 200 kVA were purchased and brought to Larat, the capital of North Tanimbar District.

With the additional 2 units of this generator engine, the people of North Tanimbar hope to be able to handle their daily electricity needs.

However, the community's hopes were dashed because 2 of the machines were damaged so they could not operate optimally.Then a suspicion arose that the two machines were used machines, not new machines.

Regarding engine prices, based on this media search on the website of one of the official diesel engine generator companies in Surabaya, the price per unit of a 250 kVA engine ranges from 400 to 500 million rupiah.

Meanwhile, the 2 units of generator engines purchased by the Cipta Karya Service with a capacity of only 200 kVA, are of course cheaper than the prices above.

If you look at the value of the project, which is Rp. 2.5 billion, of course there is a massive budget overrun.The machine that was purchased was definitely cheap so it is strongly suspected that there was corruption in this project.

Petrus Batkunde and his team are committed to solving the case.In addition, he hopes that Law Enforcement Officials (APH) will immediately investigate the alleged corruption in the budget for the procurement of these 2 generator engine units.

"As the coordinator of the North Tanimbar District Observation Team, we are committed to dismantling the mafia behind this case, until we get a point of light through the legal process," said Petrus.

"To APH, we really hope that you don't sleep, immediately develop allegations of corruption that occurred in the case of the procurement of these 2 generator engine units," he continued.

On the other hand, the Head of the Cipta Karya Service, Abraham Jaolat, when confirmed, said that the two PLN Larat generator engines were new engines.

"The price is in accordance with the specs.The machine has no problems and it's an official dialer and when there is a problem the dialer is responsible," said Abraham Jaolat via WhatsApp message, Monday (12/12/2022).

However, he did not specify the price per unit of the two machines and also the name of the official company/dealer where they were purchased.

Even so, the public already knows that there are irregularities in the process of procuring these generators, starting from the price, the physical condition of the engine to the capacity that doesn't match the specifications.

The problem with the procurement of generators by the Human Settlements Agency has caused various speculations among the public.Recently, issue 86 (quiet money) appeared on social media regarding this project.

Due to engine failure and no repairs yet, it is likely that the people of North Tanimbar will experience blackouts ahead of Christmas and New Year 2023.

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Ironic!Procurement value of PLN Larat Tanimbar Islands Rp. 2.5 billion, electricity goes out ahead of Nataru - People

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